Breeds & Types of Service Dogs

All of our dogs are unique in their own way. The Asista foundation works primarily with larger breeds and we cannot tell what dog we will have next given the fact we work in collaboration with various shelters.

The majority of our dogs are cross breeds which makes them strong and sturdy. They differ from Bernese Mountain dogs to retrievers.  We often look for particular traits and overall temperament.  Regardless the trainer, if a dog is willing to learn, a dog will learn. 

At the Asista foundation, we believe in training our dogs with positive reinforcement. We do not ­use any chokers, zap collars or any other type of tools to harm the animal. A dog does not need to be ``broken`` or harmed to learn, they are smart enough to learn from good and bad.

We are sometimes faced with numerous health problems sometimes passed on genetically, which we work with our team of dedicated veterinarians to establish a plan where the dog can live a healthy and happy life. Just because an animal has a condition it does not mean they are no good and not deserving of a second chance.